Feed Days

International Feed Days will be organized 23-24 January 2019 in Tampere, Finland (Hotel Ilves).
Two days program contains international seminars about the latest news in feed research and development.
More information will be published later.

FEED DAYS 23rd – 24th of January 2019


Time                  Lecture                                                                                                                          Lecturer
10.45                 Welcome and opening speach                                                                              xx
11.00                 Fin FurLab                                                                                                              Magnus Ljung
11.10                 Saga Furs market overview                                                                                    xx
11.30                 International differences between fur farms                                                          Herold Hissink
11.45                 Actualities from EVIRA                                                                                            Hanna Laatio
12.00                 Lunch
.                          Theme: fox & mink                 
12.40                 Feed research and visions in Denmark                                                             Peter Foged-Larsen
13.00                 Optimal feeding during Blue fox growth                                                              Luova
13.20                 Optimization of Blue fox feeding – part 2                                                             Vappu Ylinen
13.40                 Coffee break
.                          Theme: feed and costs
The feed situation and challenges in Poland, still to be confirmed                      Andrzej Gugolek
14.20                 Raw materials and prices                                                                                      Feedex

14.40                 Feed kitchen – optimizing the feed, quality & cost
15.00                 Break and check in
15.15                 Panel discussion – cost vs. quality
                           Participants xx, xx, xx, xx                                                                                       Steven Frostdahl
16.15                 Conclusion of the first day
20.00                 Dinner and socializing             


Time                  Lecture                                                                                                                          Lecturer

--                        Breakfast
.                          Theme: mink
09.30                 Mold toxins in mink feed                                                                                   Luova
09.50                 Fat and fatty acid composition                                                                          Conny Matthewsen
.                          -effect on digestibility and feeding of mink kits
10.10                 Economic feed experiment – project and results                                               xx , Luova
10.30                 Break
.                          Theme: fox
10.50                 Fur Boost – reduce feed consumption with additives                                        xx
11.10                 Dry protein sources in fox feed                                                                          Luova
11.30                 Lunch and check out
12.30                 New commodity manual                                                                                    Mikael Lassén
12.50                 Panel discussion: Vitamins & toxins in feed
                           Participants: xx, xx, xx, xx                                                                                   Steven Frostdahl
13.30                 Closing discussion and coffee